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Today we are going to talk here something relatively very new topic, something which really makes everyone think and list down if we are right or wrong to what we are saying. We are giving the overall thinking about the subject itself “Best company to work in Mauritius”, first we taught we would concentrate more on IT, then later we’ve decided, they are literally no big IT companies exist in Mauritius – “here we are talking about native Mauritian Firm” as you all could have heard of is “HOTELS, VILLAS, BUNGALOWS”  but we know very countable number of companies do exist. Most of the employees are submissive true mauritians as we are…
When you have perceptions from a data set that covers over many companies and represents the voice of close to many employees, it is easy to make blanket statements on trends. It would be chimerical to do that in a market as dynamic as other countries, but when compared to Mauritius we fall back on a dot, coz we go no where – “WE ARE THE PLACE OF COPY CATS” and we our companies nothing is a notion, but its a copy rotation, this is the stigma of this country.
To be read in the context of record attrition levels predicted for 2011, the survey makes for relevant, if not critical, reading for almost anyone in Mauritius: workers, managers, HR chiefs, CEOs, businessmen…. And, even for spouses, parents and children because this is the fact, we don’t have a working culture or we really cannot decide or country runs and begs back of money so for us to decide on real simple terms is different.
If you are going to answer it 100% sincere – Comeon what are we talking! we are Mauritians we cannot be sincere “I must be joking”
So once in a life time try to act sincere and answer the questions to yourselves and let us have the answers you will tell us and based on this we can have a poll to see which one comes in the range.
1. Name of your Company
2. Please briefly highlight any unique aspects of your organization’s communication tools/practices:
3. Please briefly describe your organization’s employee recognition/appreciation programs:
4. Please briefly describe your organization’s job development/advancement programs/practices:
5. Please briefly describe any family-friendly benefits or practices your company offers:
6. Please describe any programs/practices geared toward leadership training/development:
7. Please briefly describe any programs or practices in your organization that promote a healthy work/life balance:
8. Please briefly describe any aspect of your company’s culture you feel makes it most unique:
9. In 30 words or less, please briefly describe what makes your company a great place to work: (Best Companies may use the information for publication purposes)
10. How long did it take to complete this survey?
11. Please indicate the current status of your companyís Employer Questionnaire:
12. Based on the above given reasons do you Suggest your close family and friends to join
13. Are you being recognized by your Peers / Managers / CEO
14. How many companies have you shifted so far in past 5 Years?
15. How many hours in a day do you truthfully spend time in front of your dedicated work.
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