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Quatre Bornes towns is one of the prominent residential location in Mauritius, well this fact every one knows and most of them want to be getting the hold of this town with the capital power or we might call it Political hold.  Quatre-Bornes town always had very strong hold on Labour Party. Due to the fact that some of the prime candidates from the Parliament not only reside in this favorite town called Quatre Bornes but also would love to contest from here.

As you all might be knowing that Mr.Rama Sithanen who is also Vice Prime Minister of Mauritius and also Minister of Finance for past years contest from very own town of Quatre Bornes.  There is also another important leader who has a very strong alliance with Labour Party of Mauritius, Voila we are talking about PMSD leader Mr.Duval who is also the Vice-prime minister and also Minister of Tourism who had been doing great guns for past 5 years.  He is one of the main personalities who had been behind Branding of Mauritius, promoting our country ILE MAURICE  “c’est un Plaisir”  – well we all remember that isn’t it.

Lately there has been so much of Biriyani inside the political parties, political views and political support, we are saying it coz of the statement made by our Prime Minister by including MSM party. Also they state that Mr. The Prime Minister promised to give Mr.Juganath the post of Finance Minister, uuufff thats kinda head ache to talk about.  Based on these facts which is have a turmoil in people around Mauritius. After hearing all these there is not only a big confusion but also its become community issues internally.

Well even got this links circulating everywhere  – saying this interview with Mr.Rama Sithanen in YOU Tube – Wow technology is growing, if you are interested to view them the link is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybwYJKZ8hjg

Now we also been hearing that there will be a member from MSM who will be contesting for MSM party in quatre-bornes town, well we don’t have any knowledge related to that. But one thing we never seem to understand the Mauritius politics is “if people of the country vote for the party or the people” well thats a question “Chicken and a Egg” issue in here. So have to think over, we really don’t have any candidate lists out, most probably by Wednesday or something.

But the way its going on in here in quatre bornes is like a hot topics, coz we could observe number of guys who been pumping their opinions in Facebook and most of them posting and opening new accounts to publish their views. Facebook this year is surely playing and to be precise, govt now will understand where the web is taking the future – “So indirectly this goes to the hopeless Orange to provide the better service in the country – which they never did till date”.  What we are actually bothered in entire lot would be the minister of IT  – “Coz we surely had hopeless ministers right from past decades – We would surely say that coz some ministers even come and give speech saying BPO call center belongs to IT development sectors”. So keeping in mind we know several would read this page as we get around 8000 Unique clicks every day. We surely have lot to learn from Asia type of IT ministers who would change the state within 2-3 years time, here we just take decades, and just give promises and promises and promises and more promises.

This year being a mass tie-up of parties we hope to hear more lies and more promises for sure, we are surely not skeptic about it, but that’s been the rule of the country.

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